Use ICT to Integrate Migrant Students in Your Classroom - Florence

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Globalized societies often require teachers to work with students from various cultural backgrounds. Nowadays the frequent migration of entire populations caused by global economic change and war is making such a challenge even more critical. Luckily, digital technologies can be used to support teachers working in a multicultural environment by helping them teach a foreign language, or promote group communication, collaboration, and inclusion.

This course aims to provide participants with a practical comprehension of useful ICT tools and other educational strategies for integrating migrants, immigrants, asylum seekers, and refugees in the classroom. As a participant, you will gain practical experience in how to use digital apps to have students learn the language of the host country. You will also get involved in games and other activities that you can use to promote social inclusion among students from mixed cultural backgrounds. The course will also teach you how to include students, who may not speak your language, in video-making to increase their engagement, motivation, and language skills.

By the end of the course, participants will be able to use digital technologies to plan, manage, and deliver educational activities for non-native speakers, and to share these with either their students or colleagues. They will gain a broader awareness of the educational potential of digital technologies, and how to exploit this in order to turn the potential burden of a culturally diverse class into an opportunity.

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