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Welcome to IDEC trainings in Greece!
>> Scope: Develop creativity skills through creative writing, story-telling, comics, animation, digital media and video art in education.

>> ECVET points: 3.5

>> Target groups: Teachers and trainers in primary, secondary schools, vocational education schools and organizations, adult learning providers.

>> Learning Outcomes: Upon completion of the training course, the participant is expected to:
- Organize classes, projects and lessons using different learning means to enhance creativity in students
- Understand the concept of gamification in education
- Use different types of games for learning purposes
- Design courses and lesson plans with game elements
- Facilitate and evaluate game-based learning in classroom

>> Methodology: Presentations, Examples and case studies, Workshops and exercises facilitated by the trainer

>> Thematic units:
- Introduction to creativity
- Creating with words: creative writing, story telling
- Creating with words and images: illustrated storyboards, comics
- Creating with digital media: animation, video art
- Organization of Creativity lab

>> Learning material: The learning material consists of presentations and support material. The learning material will be available on-line in English language.

Course organiser
Piraeus, Greece

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02.12.2019 > 06.12.2019
09.03.2020 > 13.03.2020
12.10.2020 > 16.10.2020

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Attended 06.05.2019 - 10.05.2019

The course was very well organised, especially in the area to become more creative. IDEC staff had organised a full program even the tour was great. Xenia and Lila assistants of the course were really helpful and the hospitality was wonderful. Therefore i was expecting more technology enhanced learning and digital learning that was mentioned in the information of the course.

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Attended 03.09.2018 - 07.09.2018

we really like your programme . we would like to take a five -day course in your school in May,June or September in the year 2020.Between these dates would you arrange an education for us for 8-10 educators. Please keep us informed as soon as possible. e mail:

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Attended 30.01.2017 - 03.02.2017

A well-organized course with interesting topics and workshops. I met colleagues from different European countries and we shared examples from our own experiences, which I also found extremely valuable. All the lecturers and the staff in IDEC S.A. were extremely friendly and I would recommend this course to everyone who seeks for new ideas to make their lectures innovative, more interesting and motivating for students.

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