CLIL for Secondary Teachers 2020

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This course has been designed for teachers with at least two years’ general teaching experience in secondary school. Although
it is based on different methodologies and approaches to teaching through CLIL, the course has a strong language bias as
without a proficient knowledge and understanding of the English language, it is not possible to teach through CLIL. This course
also provides a large amount of English practice throughout.
Programme of the training activities
• Language and fluency practice
• Classroom language and language of presentations
• Background to CLIL
• 3 Stages of CLIL
• CLIL language needs analysis
• From text to task (text-attack skills)
• Exploiting texts
• Multiple intelligences and learning styles
• Adapting your teaching to different learning styles and learning needs
• Themed project work
• Motivation and classroom management
• Lesson planning and scaffolding
• 5 minute lessons
• Analyzing charts, graphs, diagrams
• Vocabulary building
• Assessment
Description of training content
Each applicant needs to send a Teacher's Profile 4 weeks before the start of the course, so that language and fluency sessions
can be planned around the teachers’ needs.
The course aims to build your confidence in teaching through English, to energise you as teachers and to provide you with
some useful and practical ideas for working with spoken and written texts that can be adapted to all subjects.
Expected results
As a result of attending this course, the participants will be more confident users of the language and better able to create
stimulating tasks and activities to enable, as well as demonstrate, understanding of texts in different subject areas.

Course organiser
Canterbury, United Kingdom

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