Teaching Difficult Learners 2020

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Teachers find some pupils difficult to teach. These learners seem unable to make use of the learning environment and the teacher. These pupils may have social, emotional and behavioural difficulties; may be de-motivated and disengaged from learning; may be withdrawn and uncommunicative; or may already be diagnosed with a special educational need such as ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder.) This course will look at why these learners cause difficulties for teachers and how we can develop a better understanding of the underlying reasons for their behaviour. We explore how we can create a more inclusive and child friendly learning environment developing better responses to "difficult" situations which can be helpful for learners and an element of personal development for teachers. This course also provides a large amount of English practice throughout.

Programme of the training activities
· What is a difficult learner and why do we find them difficult?
· Emotional Literacy and its relevance to the classroom
· Early attachment patterns and their relevance to learning
Social, emotional and behavioural issues
ADHD – myth or reality
· The impact of societal factors on learning such as trauma, health and family circumstances
Working with parents and other supporting professionals
Developing the mind set to respond differently
Lessons from high performance learning environments
· Overcoming and unblocking learning blocks and limiting beliefs
· Developing rapport
· Effective communication
· Dealing with conflict
· Recognising and working with different learning styles
· Behaviour Management techniques
· Behaviour Change techniques
· Developing different ways of assessing pupils
· Classroom activities: story writing and reading; use of drawings and metaphors; use of play and drama

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