Teaching Advanced Students 2020

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This is primarily a methodology course which also includes a substantial language improvement element. This
course will open your eyes to a wide range of exciting areas to explore with advanced students. It will provide you
with fresh and motivating activities and strategies to improve both your own and your students’ English. This course
also provides a large amount of English practice throughout.
Programme of the training activities
• How to create a powerful, motivated, cohesive study group
• Practical classroom applications of the work of Corpus Linguistics (the differences between authentic English
and English that is taught at many schools and universities)
• Teaching lexis through the Lexical Approach
• Having fun with English through language games, humour, poetry etc.
• Using authentic materials
• Blended learning and using on-line resources
• Work on your own and the learners feeling for ‘the Spirit of English’
• Using short, challenging materials that can offer a refreshing alternative to endlessly long reading and listening
• Language and its relation to culture and identity; spoken grammar
Description of training content
Each applicant needs to send a Teacher's Profile 4 weeks before the course outlining hopes and objectives for
achievement as a result of attending this course.
The course aims to provide participants with the skills and the expertise needed to cater for the needs of students
who have a high level of proficiency in English.
Expected results
As a result of attending this course, the participants will be equipped with a variety of ideas and frameworks that will
enable them to teach advanced students in a refreshing, more challenging way. They will also be even more
competent and confident users of English.

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Canterbury, United Kingdom

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