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This course is very useful for teachers who want to find new, more effective ways to encourage students to work towards
resolving their own challenges, set goals, and helps develop a sense of responsibility for their learning. The course also
provides a large amount of English practice throughout.
Programme of the training activities
• What is coaching? Working definitions
• Making desired changes
• Understanding emotional attitudes in oneself and in others
• How understanding emotional attitudes in oneself and in others affects accomplishing a task
• Seeing a situation from the point of view of others
• Realizing how our actions and words effect others
• Understanding your values and the values of others
• Using coaching in a group via cooperative learning strategies
• Using outcome thinking strategies
• Understanding different levels of coaching
Description of training content
Each applicant needs to send in a Teacher's Profile 4 weeks before the course outlining hopes and objectives for
achievement as a result of attending this course. This action plan will be forwarded to the trainer.
This course aims to focus on new skills and practices to educators wanting to improve their ability and confidence in
teaching at its highest level.
Expected results
As a result of attending this course participants will be more empathetic teachers and more effective communicators.

Course organiser
Canterbury, United Kingdom

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