English Language Course for Teachers and School Staff 2020

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An English improvement course for all adult learners:
Participants will benefit from an intensive language course in an English speaking environment, enjoying the company of like-minded adults from different countries. The course is extremely practical and we encourage active participation. You will be engaged in a wide variety of motivating and focused activities. This course provides a large amount of English practice throughout. You will also be encouraged to use your English outside the classroom while socialising with your colleagues and you will have the opportunity for further English practice while attending extra voluntary afternoon and evening activities.

Programme of the training activities
Studying key areas of English grammar, especially those which cause difficulties
Building up an extensive English vocabulary and developing strategies for storing and remembering words
Working on a range of useful phrases that can be used when socialising or meeting English-speaking people
Working on English phonology including sounds, stress, rhythm and intonation
Improving your reading skills and learning how to expand your vocabulary through reading
Using the Internet to increase your vocabulary and improve your reading and listening skills
Building confidence in listening to spoken English and developing listening strategies
Building fluency and confidence in spoken English
Learning some basic features of spoken grammar
Practising writing emails and text messages in English
Getting feedback on your English and identifying key areas you need to work on

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Canterbury, United Kingdom

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