Creative Methodology for the Classroom 2020

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Course summary
This course has been designed for experienced teachers (with minimum 3 years of teaching experience). As this is a
methodology course, the approaches to teaching and learning will also be of interest not only to teachers of English but
teachers of other languages. Occasionally, the course attracts native-speaking teachers from the UK. This course also
provides a large amount of English practice throughout.
Programme of the training activities
• Adapting your teaching to different learning styles & learning needs
• Teaching grammar, vocabulary, pronunciation and the four skills creatively
• Creative approaches to teaching pronunciation
• Putting life into course book exercises
• Adapting activities and tasks creatively
• Using the learner as a learning resource
• (Live listening, including) story telling
• Using music, songs, visuals and the fine arts, drama and movement
• Introductions to one or more of the following “alternative approaches” to teaching and learning: The Silent Way, Total
Physical Response, Task Based Learning, Dogme, Multiple Intelligence or The Lexical Approach
• Using on-line resources creatively
Description of training content:
Each applicant needs to send a Teacher's Profile four weeks before the course outlining hopes and objectives for
achievement as a result of attending this course.
The course aims to energise you and to offer you some alternative activities, strategies and approaches to teaching &
Expected results
As a result of attending this course, the participants will be more creative professionals who will be able to design lessons
and materials that are motivating, challenging and effective. They will also become more competent and confident users of

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