Teaching English Through Mulitiple Intelligences 2020

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This course is designed to help you understand more about how your students learn and acquire a foreign language. The course will bring you into contact with recent thinking and approaches to teaching related to Multiple Intelligences.
The course is aimed at fostering language improvement while learning the theory. It will enable you to adapt the theory in the classroom using English as a medium of instruction. The course will also help you be more confident in using English, reflect on creating a successful climate for learning which, in turn, will enhance your fluency, improve your self-confidence and master the language learnt thus enjoying teaching in English.

Course content

Identifying and adapting your teaching for different intelligences
The concept of 'understanding' and how we can teach for 'understanding'
Applying the theory of Multiple Intelligences to the classroom through Teaching for Understanding
Language development through the theory
Teaching through art and music and the language needed
Developing the Five Minds for the Future, and Thinking Skills
Focus on how to improve your own English
Raising student and teacher self-esteem
Portfolio and other performance based means of evaluation and assessment

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Canterbury, United Kingdom

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