Creative Methodology for Using ICT in the English Classroom 2020

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What leaners and teachers do in the language classroom is in the heart of this course. Our main question is how ICT can contribute to a classroom practice that results in more learner motivation, autonomy, engagement, langue use and creativity. When is ICT used with a clear advantage to the learner and when is it not? How offline and online methods can work together for maximised benefit?

Participants will experience, analyse and create strings of online and offline activities and will try out and evaluate online tools, websites and applications for the major aspects of the language classroom.

They will also have a chance to try out what they have created in peer-teaching situations.

Course content

Input and discussions on the principled use of technology and the methodologies involved

Experiencing, evaluating and creating activities for teaching vocabulary, grammar and pronunciation combining online and offline methods

Experiencing, evaluating and creating procedures for developing language skills through integrating online and offline work

Projects and presentations using ICT

Developing learner creativity through using ICT

Micro and peer teaching

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Canterbury, United Kingdom

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