Getting more out of Digital Video in Language Education

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This 6-day course aims to:
. further develop relevant teachers competences and confidence  when using digital video in language education

. promote teacher professionalism in evaluating and selecting available video resources, apps and production tools

. develop participants' skills related to capturing, adapting and designing video content and developing related learning activities and materials

. develop participants' skills in video and machinima production for a range of curriculum objectives  and contexts from the classroom and blended learning, including flipping the classroom 

For more details including the day-to-day programme see the full course description at the course website.

Course organiser
Amsterdam, Netherlands

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Upcoming sessions

20.10.2019 > 25.10.2019
Register before 01.08.2019
16.02.2020 > 21.02.2020
Register before 05.01.2020


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