ICT BASED CLASSES (Integrating ICT Tools To The School Curriculum)

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Course Duration: 5 days
Course Fee: 350€ per person ICT based Classes / “Integrating ICT Tools To The School Curriculum” This course is a kind of teacher training course which aims to support school staffs with ICT (Information and Communication Technology) based learning in their personal and professional development and school environment in line with priorities of Erasmus Plus Program. As you know students’ access to technology at school and at home has increased astronomically over the last few years, which forces the teachers and trainers to use the ICT technology in their courses intensely in order to motivate the new generation learners to learn, search and gather the information. Rapidly changing technology requires schools to integrate their teaching methods with ICT tools. So teachers are expected to practice their newly developed skills in teaching. For this, teachers must have access to adequate training and ongoing professional development With that course programme, we aim that participants gain experience for themselves a variety of software and online tools in order to integrate technology into their classrooms and support them to be motivated to use new teaching and learning methods and techniques. As a course provider, we want to develop the professional skills of participants and introduce the appropriate websites and tools related to 21st-century teaching methods focusing on creative thinking with interactive and inspiring workshops in a friendly atmosphere.
Learning Outcomes: All the participants will:
Learn the sample portals being developed where teachers can network and share information including best practices.
Be aware of the challenges in implementing ICTs effectively in existing schools
Manage to create an ICT friendly environment in schools Experince various web2.0 tools and learn how to use them effectively Objectives of the Course
Modernization of your teaching style  Developing a school policy plan on Integrating ICT tools into the school curriculum
Introducing ICT skills and pedagogical skills  Utilization of ICT in your teaching
Developing positive attitudes towards ICT on the part of teachers and principals
Using virtual learning environments
Improving your own teaching methods in relation to technology
Managing and integrating ICT in your lessons
Developing your ICT skills and making use of various Web 2.0 tools and programs. You will be given the opportunity to try out and have practice and get feedback at all the programs introduced to you.
Adaptation of the use of the tools to your teaching & learning situations & contexts
Focusing on effective teaching strategies that encourage the active involvement of all students in productive educational environments.
Getting familiarization to the tips for how to develop strategies to improve the educational quality of the school. Methodology
Working cooperatively
Learning in interactive and international environment Examining and Simulating case studies,
Learning based on experiential trainings
Visiting local schools and institutions to experience the best practices
Target Group:Teachers, trainers, educators, school administrators, etc.
Preparation Before the course: A detailed pre-course questionnaire to indicate the level of experience, teaching backgrounds and training will be completed by participants.
The participants will also prepare a presentation to reflect their own teaching method.
Validation: A course participation certificate will be given to all participants. A Europass Mobility Certificate will be given if the participants demand.

Course organiser
Anatolia Eğitim ve Danışmanlık
Barcelona, Spain

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Anatolia Eğitim ve Danışmanlık
Anatolia Eğitim ve Danışmanlık
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