Education For Sustainable Development - Sustainability in our schools

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The main aim of this course is to familiarize with the concepts of sustainable development and the implementation of concrete activities in the school. The course is based on innovative methodologies and techniques to teach sustainability in order our pupils to be more responsible and active on environmental issues and empower them to change their attitude and behavior towards a sustainable future.
It leads to a Level 7 EQC Certificate, accompanied by a Europass Certicicate Supplement with 10 transferable ECVET points

Are you concerning in living a more environmental friendly way? And teaching your pupils on following your example? Join our Education For Sustainable Development course and combine learning the fundamentals of sustainability, apply good practices in your school and outdoors with the unrivaled Greek hospitality.
This course is addressed to school principals, vice-principals or teachers interested in introducing in their lesson sustainability principles and challenge to change the environmental attitude of their pupils to a more active and responsible one.
Course Objectives
At the end of this course, participants will:
• Understand the basic concepts of Sustainability and of Education For Sustainable Development
• Know innovative methodologies of teaching sustainability
• Be aware of the impact of our daily habits to the environment and ways to change this behaviour
• Know how to reduce consumption and be responsible consumers.
• Develop skills on how to deliver upcycling workshops in order to increase environmental awareness.
• Be familiar with ways to design activities for environmental awareness and to effectively involve their pupils
• Develop skills on permaculture and ecological gardening
• Learn about soundspace ecology and its implementations in education
• Be supported by a pool of ICT tools to use in class
Non formal learning and experiential techniques are the basis of this course. Our approach is to base the learning process on practical rather than theoretical knowledge. The course is designed on active learning methods and collaborative activities and, at the end of the course, each participant should be able to use the taught techniques effectively. Lessons will be held in our centre’s classrooms and computer lab, as well as outside

Course Contents Overview
This course will explore the following issues:
• Sustainability, UNESCO sustainability goals, European policy
• Environmental issues and activities in school:
o Climate change,
o Waste management,
o Responsible consumption,
o Ecological footprint
o Soundspace ecology, noise polution
• Education for Sustainable Development, Sustainable school
• Applications of New Technologies in ESD
Structured study visits
During the course, we organize a study visit to a local school where we will also make a case study. This study visit is structured and accompanied by reflective activities.
There is no extra cost for these study visits.

Outdoors learning
There are three outdoor learning activities:
1. a walk around the Kalamata city center where the participants will record elements of a sustainable city,
2. a visit to a local permaculture farm and learning activities concerning environmental education and how to introduce ecological gardening in my school
3. Visit to a local historical site in order to discover sustainability principles used in the past and how we could introduce them to our modern life. There is no extra cost for these activities.

Course organiser
Areadne Lifelong Learning Centre
Kalamata, Greece

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