Educational innovation and school leadership through entreprenurship, competences & project based learning

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1. Become aware of the key issues related to innovation in education and school leadership, within the context of the blended, flipped, cooperative, competences and project based learning
2. Understanding, exploring and getting inspired by different and innovative methods and tools to foster school leadership and innovation
3. Design and develop specific educational tools and projects to be applied in learning curriculum and classroom
4. Design and develop a real case project idea to apply for funding for school leadership and educational innovation
5. Getting inspired by best practices on how enhancing students entrepreneurial skills, motivation, participation and learning
6. Foster the collaboration, partnership and exchange of experiences and ideas between European schools, teachers and school professionals.

Day 1: The framework
- Presentation of participants and participating organisations
- Brainstorming and team building
- Key competences for 21st Century, transversal and soft skills, competences based learning: an interactive introduction
- Educational innovation, cooperative, digital and flipped classroom in Europe: features, key-elements and best practices

Day 2: Innovation through non-formal education and outdoor learning
- Overview and practical workshop of some of the best-practice indoor & outdoor methods and tools

Day 3: Innovative ICT tools and blended learning to foster the school leadership
- Websites, web-wares and apps for teaching and learning: an overview
- Innovative ICT-based, digital and web tools to foster school leadership: a practical workshop
- Collaborative web tools and platforms
- Practical laboratory: step-by-step process and guidance.

Day 4: Problem-solving, decision-making and project design
- Idenitfy problems and questions, addressing objectives and designing strategies through project design&management: a practical workshop
- Erasmus+: overview and case-studies

Day 5: Local school & cultural heritage
- Visit to a significant local school and talk with its relevant staff (upon availability). When this is not available: presentation of the hosting Country educational system
- Cultural visit of the city centre, together with a professional tour leader
- Planning the follow up: future projects together
- Course evaluation & releasing of official course certifications.

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