Comedy, Humor and Public Speaking for Teachers and Communicators - Prague

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Comedy and humor are great resources in every communicator’s toolbox. “But am I funny?” many people ask themselves. The answer is “Yes, everyone is funny!” However, not everyone has yet discovered and expressed their full comic potential. This course aims to explore humor and comedy for teachers, communication and public speaking. By taking it, you will get out of your comfort zone, and become a more effective communicator.

The course will have a strong practical component, so be ready to get actively involved! Participants will work alone, in groups, and in the class to explore their personality, looking for their unique comedy style and voice. They will practice public speaking and their verbal, non-verbal and paraverbal communication, giving and receiving feedback from the trainer and the group. They will also learn about different types of comedy and some of the most popular performers, their differences and styles. Moreover, the course will dive into how jokes can get edgy, political, and uncomfortable, and what is the need for “safe spaces” in different contexts like business and education.

By the end of the course, participants will know how to mine their everyday life to find good “comedy material”. They will have improved their writing and delivering a humorous speech thanks to the feedback by the group and the trainer and numerous tips from public speaking and acting; and they will get more comfortable telling jokes and using humor in your lectures, presentations, personal and professional life.

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