Yoga and Meditation for Educators: be a Great Teacher, be your Best Self - Dublin

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This course aims to familiarize educators with Yoga practice as a powerful tool for handling stress, improving their teaching skills and increasing their physical, mental and emotional health. While it is suitable for absolute beginners, it is also meant to be enjoyable for those who have been already taking yoga basics/ low intermediate classes.

By experiencing different yoga styles and thus several poses, breathing and meditation techniques, throughout the course participants will learn how these practices can enhance their ability to maintain a favorable climate in their school community and support resilience in and out of the classroom. Teachers will be also provided with the latest scientific evidence about the benefits of Mind-body interventions, especially in school environments.
Finally, a part of the course will be dedicated to the best practises to introduce children and teens to yoga and meditation techniques.

1 Guided city tours and 1 full day cultural excursion will also be part of the programme.


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These courses are created to help teachers to reduce their own stress, keep their motivation and have a healthy work-life balance. Some courses promote artistic production and dramatic performance as practical tools for recreational play and self-expression. Other courses focus on arts and theater as inspiring subjects for students, teachers or both. Still other courses introduce fundamental tools for stress management: meditation, mindfulness and yoga.

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