Preventing bullying for thriving education

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Erasmus+ KA1 project
Preventing bullying for thriving education is a 6-days international training course for educators looking to develop their personal set of tools and define a method in preventing bullying among their students.
It can also be an opportunity for them to reflect on and readjust present techniques in order to better approach difficult situations in the classroom.


From this perspective, including Social Emotional Learning (SEL) in any educational process becomes compulsory.  

This training course is based on 2 theories rooted in psychology and neuroscience: Relational communication and Self-regulation techniques. They blend together into a unique approach which can support, on the long run, a cohesive group dynamic.

By taking into account the 3 elements of bullying (Repetitive behaviour, Intention of harm, Imbalanced dynamic) and looking at what stands behind them (Lack of self-inhibition, Lack of self-regulation, Lack of empathy), throughout the training course, there will be created the context to master a valuable tool that can be applied in the class in order to prevent bullying: The six milestones 

Stop before you act
Scan your state
Find your symbol
Choose differently
Observe the result

The techniques presented during the training are aimed at offering you a wider range of choices. But you`ll also have the opportunity to experience, through practical exercises, new ways of using yourself as a tool in preventing bullying.


You`ll be better prepared to prevent bullying and to create a safe environment for self-expression and learning from mistakes, as well as to raise responsibility among students and ownership for their relationships. You will know how to transform any conflict into a SEL (social emotional learning) moment.      


Primary school teachers / Secondary school teachers / Educational counsellors / Educators         

*Being part of an Erasmus+ funded educational institute        


Place | Olde Vechte Foundation, Ommen, the Netherlands
Trainers | Alina Porumboiu and Anna Moro
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*** You can apply through your educational institute for Erasmus+ funds in order to cover your expenses. The only requirement is that you don't need VISA in order to travel to the Netherlands.

Course organiser
Olde Vechte Foundation
Ommen, Netherlands

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Olde Vechte Foundation
Olde Vechte Foundation
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