From teachers to facilitators and moderators of a student-centred learning process

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Basic idea of this course, with four modules, is to prove and implement individualized teaching and learning with use of new media. Thereby in the foreground stands the practical transfer of the learned competences into the own lessons. A further focus lies in the application of online-tools which may be useful to support individualization and differentiation by the students.

Module 1
Teachers are getting more and more facilitators of self-contained learning students, that looks at least like the ideal conception ...
In practice high numbers of students and heterogeneous learning groups confronts teachers with high challenges - these are in the focus of module 1. Jointly we will analyze the new teacher role and you will learn to know possibilities to promote students individually without staying on the track with your time management.

Module 2
In our second module we'll work on (eLearning / Blended Learning) methods to differentiate and individualize. At the beginning of this module you'll try different tasks from the student's perspective and reflect on them from your familiar point of view, as a teacher, afterwards.
Beside the conception of individual conducive exercises and the ideal design of online-activities, you'll get to know a number of methods to differentiate. By the end of the module you're going to design your own Moodle-activities for your pupils, trying to use online-resources to differentiate and encourage your students to gain new competences.

Module 3
In this module you will - after a short presentation and proving of various, for differentiated teaching and learning eligible (Web 2.0)-tools - get productive for yourself! So you will learn to know a various number of Web 2.0 tools and (online-) applications. You will experiment with at least two multimedia tools and think about ideas for their implementation in the classroom. A special focus lies on the fact, that the presented tools are freeware, open source or online-applications, which also can be used by your students.

Module 4
In this module you will get to know different alternative assessment methods and you will prove them for suitability in practice. Jointly with your colleagues you will discuss this subject, exchange experiences and think about pro's and con's about assessing alternatively. Finally you'll concentrate on one method, which you'll prepare as an online-activity for your pupils.

19.00 Arrival. Welcome to Lisbon!

09.00 Presentations and Course Introduction
10.00 New teacher role
11.00 How to individualize with online-tools?
12.00 Lunch
14.00 The importance of giving feedback
15.00 Flipped Classroom concept
16.00 Practical Application of Flipped Classroom

09.00 Introducing and accessing Moodle platform
10.00 Discipline administration and personalization
12.00 Lunch
13.30 Trying and reflecting about web 2.0 resources
15.30 Planning moodle activities using online-resources
16.00 Collect, personalize and integrate

09.00 Web 2.0 tool-book
12.00 Lunch
14.00 Integrating tools into Moodle: design, produce and participate

10.00 Technology integration in XXI century schools seminar in Lisbon University
12.00 Lunch
14.00 Visiting schools, contacting with portuguese students and teachers

09.00 Think back and discuss
10.00 Examples already tried out
11.00 Online Assessment Techniques
12.00 Lunch
14.00 Using Moodle for alternative assessments: ePortfolios and project based learning
16.00 Course evaluation and new opportunities for future collaboration
18.00 Excursion and Farewell Dinner at a restaurant in the city centre

Course fee: EUR 70 per day per participant.
Support, monitoring and certification included.
Last day dinner it's not included in price and it could be 35 - 50 €.

Accommodation, meals, guided visits are not included. If you need accommodation, the organization will do recommendation but will not garantee the best offer.

We can provide cultural visits to Lisbon, but they are not included in price of fee. Cultural visits includes Castle entree, guided tour to city centre and visit to Jeronimos Monastery.

Course organiser
Agrupamento de Escolas de São João da Talha, Loures (eTwinning verified)
Lisboa, Portugal

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Agrupamento de Escolas de São João da Talha, Loures
Agrupamento de Escolas de São João da Talha, Loures
Rating: 0/5


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