- English for Educators April 16 (UK)

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This is an English language course for those that speak English as a second language. It will support such participants to become more confident using English in the Education context.

We will focus on teaching participants to unlock the mystery of 'jargon'--words and language used specifically to describe the education process or practice. We will look especially at understanding policy documents such as School Improvement Plans and Ofsted Inspection reports and finish the week with a day for participants to use their new skills in the real school context.

Participants will fly into London where a cultural program will be provided, while most of the tuition will be delivered in the nearby seaside city of Brighton. You will get to see the best of both regions.

We hope to welcome you to the UK for our English course!
GLA PIC: 948140566

Email for more details: Chris.Souvis@gmx.com

Course organiser
Global Learning Association
Brighton & London, United Kingdom

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