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Coaching is the embodiment of what creates an outstanding school or college. Coaching delivers highly effective collaboration, where the sharing and cascading of good practice builds a powerful learning platform for leaders, managers, teachers and support staff.
Learning coaching skills provides teachers with the tools to help learners to find their own solutions to problems, take risks and feel comfortable with challenge and change.
Coaching fosters a culture of trust and self - belief. The principles that underpin an effective coaching culture support the development of an open-door observation strategy, opportunities for teams to work together within departments or across curriculum and phase or key stage divides to focus on similarities of pedagogy and learning. Coaching allows individuals to share their concerns, learn from others and take time to plan their own vision and learning goals.
Modul 1- What is coaching in the context of education?
Modul 2- What are the skills a coach needs?
Modul 3- What is the Difference Between Coaching and Teaching?
Modul 4- The notion of 'mental toughness' and its relationship to coaching.
Modul 5- Creating 'Coaching Cultures for Learning'.
Modul 6- The Coaching Continuum.
Modul 7- How can Coaching Make a Positive Impact Within Educational Settings?
Modul 8- Critical review of the coaching approaches.
Modul 9- Application of coaching approaches to main educational actors.
Modul 10- A Guide to support coaching and mentoring for school improvement.
Improved learning in the classroom – it raises self-awareness, deepens self-reflection, and delivers the most effective progress and results.
Improved creativity in the classroom and across the school, allowing the school to thrive in today’s changing and challenging world, where speed of adaptation and innovation is so important.
A greater openness for staff to share practice, take risks in trying new things, to admit and learn from mistakes and to create a whole school learning culture.
Improved relationships – if you truly value your staff and students they will, in turn, value you and your needs.
Provides much more time for leaders over the medium to long term – staff and students are more effective when they become more self-responsible and take greater personal initiative.
Better use of talent and resources – leaders uncover people’s talents and encourage them to find answers to problems and do not have to find all the solutions themselves or shoulder the stress of thinking they have to.
Greater engagement from staff and students – by involving them in their work, sharing responsibility for learning and creating more independence.

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Sherlock Edu London (OID E10143856)
Sherlock Edu London (OID E10143856)
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