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Well-being and mindfulness with a drum

Location: Sainte-Anne, Guadeloupe (France)

Many recent studies reveal alarming results of teachers being over-stressed at work – long hours caused by new assessment systems, accountability rules and education reforms. The extremely high teacher stress levels does not contribute towards effective children's learning. Some surveys claim that an epidemic of teacher stress is on the rise…
We invite educators to stop for a moment and re-discover their passion for teaching and life itself. The programme creates opportunities for the participants to experience and use different tools and methods of stress management as well as boost their well-being and resilience. Insights into various initiatives and programmes, meaningful discussions, outdoor experiences, yoga and therapeutic drum sessions will enhance the ability to embrace life to the full.

Register on eTwinning and familiarise yourself with the platform.
Complete the preparation assignment.
Study course material.

- improve stress management, critical thinking and problem solving skills,
- enhance resilience to stress,
- explore various initiatives that emphasise inner peace,
- improve language competence,
- build connections with colleagues from other countries.

After the course, participants will reflect on gained knowledge and its application in their own educational environment. They will complete a report to be sent to their national agency. The trainers provide support for collaboration between participants encouraging them to initiate partnerships projects and help find partners.


Day 1
Sunrise yoga session
Introduction to well-being and mindfulness
Discussion: teaching as a passion
Gwo Ka – introduction to a drum

Day 2
Sunrise yoga session
Healing power of nature and ancient teachings
Discussion: outdoor activities and motivation
Gwo Ka – what is drum therapy?

Day 3
Sunrise yoga session
Golden rules of happiness
Discussion: appreciation and empathy
Gwo Ka – 7 rhythms of Guadeloupe

Day 4
Sunrise yoga session
Impact of positive thinking
Discussion: positive language effect
Gwo Ka – physical vibration

Day 5
Sunrise yoga session
Reducing the workload
Discussion: finding your voice
Gwo Ka - expression

Day 6
Sunrise yoga session
Living without CCC – criticism, condemn and complain
Discussion: passion at work and for work
Gwo Ka - ambiance

Day 7
Sunrise yoga session
Evaluation and feedback

Contact course organisers directly: cheritage100@gmail.com

Course organiser
NGO Kaunas Biennial
Sainte-Anne (Guadeloupe), France

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