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Well-being and mindfulness

Location: Sainte-Anne, Guadeloupe (France)

Many recent studies reveal alarming results of teachers being over-stressed at work – long hours caused by new assessment systems, accountability rules and education reforms. The extremely high teacher stress levels do not contribute towards effective children's learning. Some surveys claim that an epidemic of teacher stress is on the rise…
We invite educators to stop for a moment and re-discover their passion for teaching and life itself. The programme creates opportunities for the participants to experience and use different tools and methods of stress management as well as boost their well-being and resilience. Insights into various initiatives and programmes, meaningful discussions, outdoor experiences, mindful yoga and therapeutic drum sessions will enhance the ability to embrace life to the full.

Register on eTwinning and familiarise yourself with the platform.
Complete the preparation assignment.
Study course material.

- improve stress management, critical thinking and problem solving skills,
- enhance resilience to stress,
- explore various initiatives that emphasise inner peace,
- improve language competence,
- build connections with colleagues from other countries.

After the course, participants will reflect on gained knowledge and its application in their own educational environment. They will complete a report to be sent to their national agency. The trainers provide support for collaboration between participants encouraging them to initiate partnerships projects and help find partners.


Day 1
Introduction to well-being and mindfulness
M-Y Time (Mindful Yoga)
My name and my life values
Day 2
Healing power of nature and ancient teachings
Forest bathing, M-Y Time, Mandala
Day 3
Music as a therapy
M-Y Time, Gwo Ka
Day 4
Power of water
M-Y Time and water activities
Day 5
Impact of positive thinking - resilience
M-Y Time, Dream Catcher
Day 6
Golden rules of happiness
Living a day of consciousness
Day 7
M-Y Time, Gratitude
Day 8
M-Y Time, Evaluation and Feedback

Contact course organiser directly:
Rita Stoskiene
Email: cheritage100@gmail.com
Whatsapp: +590690924354

Sainte-Anne, Guadeloupe, France

Course organiser
NGO Kaunas Biennial
Sainte-Anne (Guadeloupe), France

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This course was in many ways very memorable. I got ready for the course by getting to know the pre-sent material. The topics were very important: healthcare, relaxation, selfcare, emotions and values. The course inspired me to reflect on my own hectic life: lots of work and not enough free time. During this week I found my self again and had time to think what is important and how to enjoy and feel the nature around me by seeing, hearing anf feeling. I feel empowered and more happy after this course. We visited different places in the island and the ”classroom” in Rita’s place was amazing. We explored the island's wildlife and sights. It was great to sit, for example, in the forest and talk about topical issues. I really enjoy these conversations, warm and beautiful nature with amazing views. I liked really much joga sessions and discussions. Making music with drums and other instruments was also very nice and funny experience. All in all, the course was more than I expected. Stunning nature, time to think and learn, comfortable schedule and a well-organized course were truly memorable. Guadeloupe is always in my heart as the best Erasmus experieces ever. I’m so greatfull that I had a chance to come anf experince this all.

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The course was all that it promised to be. It gave us both practical and theorical information about wellbeing. We were really lucky to have this course straight after hectic school year. The course was well repared and organized, so we were on good hands.

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I felt first time for a long time, that on this week, I focused on myself and priorised my own needs. This week was a perfect ending for a heavy school year. Course content was versatile and fullfilling, but we did all things without fuss. The beautiful nature - water and forest - was an interesting learning environment. Our teacher shared with us a lot of thoughts and theories which I will search more in the future.

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