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Career planning is a great way to ensure your career is going in the right direction.
Not only does it help you realise your passion, it also facilitates your career goals with tangible actions and aims. At the very least, it’ll help you to answer career goal questions at your next interview.
By assessing your situation, you’ll additionally be able to determine and fill any gaps in your knowledge or experience that might be holding you back from your dream job.
Career planning is the self-evaluation & planning done by a person to have a strong career path. Career planning process in the continuous reiterative process of understanding oneself, setting career goals, revising skills and searching for the right career options.
Importance of Career Planning
Career planning is a step-wise process which enables an individual to focus on where to want to be in life professionally. With the short-term goal and the long-term goals in place, career planning can help to plan their journey in their professional life. Self-assessment is necessary to understand one’s capabilities and drawbacks. The various career options should be explored in detail to find a fit between one’s abilities and the opportunities provided by a career option. It involves continuous learning and improvement to build and growth in the chosen career path. A good career planning helps a person grow in life in their professional career, which also help them grow personally.
Benefits of Career Planning
1. Career planning ensures a constant supply of promotable employees.
2. It helps in improving the loyalty of employees.
3. Career planning encourages an employee’s growth and development.
4. It discourages the negative attitude of superiors who are interested in suppressing the growth of the subordinates.
5. It ensures that senior management knows about the calibre and capacity of the employees who can move upwards.
6. It can always create a team of employees prepared enough to meet any contingency.
7. Career planning reduces labour turnover.
8. Every organization prepares succession planning towards which career planning is the first step.
Day 1
Meaning of Career Development
Need for Career Development
Day 2
Objective and Importance of Career Development
Role of HRM in Career Development
Day 3
Stages of Development for Career Guidance
Career Development Initiatives
Day 4
Methods of Career Development
Career Development Programmes
Suggestions for Effective Career Development
Day 5
Research on Careers:
Day 6
Set Career Objectives:
Learn & Improve Skills:
Day 7
Preparation of CV:
Job Search:
Revise Career Goals:

1. To identify positive characteristics of the employees.
2. To develop awareness about each employee’s uniqueness.
3. To respect feelings of other employees.
4. To attract talented employees to the organization.
5. To train employees towards team-building skills.
6. To create healthy ways of dealing with conflicts, emotions, and stress.

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Sherlock Edu London (OID E10143856)
Sherlock Edu London (OID E10143856)
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