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Day 1
Acquaintance meeting,
introduction of the hosting partner
Introduction to Drama

Day 2
The aim of drama in education
What is the difference between "theatre" and "drama"?
Why do we need to know the elements of the dramatic process?
How do we get to know the functions of drama?

Day 3
Teaching requirements to use drama
What is teacher authenticity?
The importance of Communication
How to inculcate discipline

Day 4
Professional Visit to a School using drama
Professional Visit to Gulbenkian

Day 5
The meaning of "didactics"
Theatre workshop

Day 6
The different roles in drama
How to animate a lesson
Why is communication important

Day 7
The spoken word
What is "space"?
Active drama workshop

Day 8
Proper breathing workshop
What is forced relaxation
Movement Workshop

Day 9
How to practice enunciation
How do we use "expression"
Workshop in expression

Day 10
Formal, Informal and Non formal Education
Final Workshop

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