Successful Teaching in a Mixed Ability Classroom

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We all teach multiple level or mixed ability classes meaning that we regularly teach students of different levels. All students learn at very different speeds and there are various strategies that we can use to deal with this situation. Guide your students to develop an awareness of their own abilities and learning needs as well as to realize what their strengths and weaknesses are and how to focus on them.

As teachers, we must be aware of a variety of different learning styles and the fact that some students are visual, some are auditory, others are kinaesthetic and some are mathematical learners and we must act accordingly. Most of our classrooms are inclusive and it is easy for students to feel frustrated sometimes in such environment. Stronger students might feel that they are not accomplishing as much as they would like to, while others may feel that they are under too much pressure. This course will equip participant with excellent tools and strategies to use with students with special needs.

We are going to explore how students of all levels can benefit from gamebased learning and how to engage and motivate them using ICT in the classroom. Participants are going to learn how to design and develop online lessons and how to use interesting educational applications. Bringing Social Media into the classroom means taking advantage of tools students are already using so we are going to explore the benefits of working in a digital classroom. We are also going to discover the concept of a flipped classroom and how it can help students develop their communication skills and teach them how to collaborate with each other.

Creating a positive working environment that leads to better learning. Participants will raise their awareness of the importance of promoting greater equity among students while respecting and catering to a diverse array of individual student needs. Incorporating collaboration and discussion that benefit students of every ability. Using technology in the classroom in order to support different learning styles. Participants will know how to differentiate the scaffolds available to students and ensure that students are given the appropriate tools to learn.

Grow and develop professionally in an international environment, network, build strong relationships with your colleagues from all over Europe and explore amazing culture and nature in Croatia’s beautiful city of Split.

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