Teaching the fun way in the digital era

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21st century has brought many changes into the way we should teach. Technology is constantly moving forward and traditional methods of teaching need to be refreshed. This is why we have created a course on teaching the fun way and making your classroom modern, progressive environment for developing and shaping our students’ minds.

Young generations have been exposed to technology all their lives and it is more challenging to arouse their interest in studying than ever before. The importance of creating a student-centred classroom has never been greater and this can be achieved through gaining knowledge of innovative methods and useful tools that will provoke critical thinking and include project-based learning. Learn how to engage your students with games, quizzes, drama and storytelling.

Spark their interest and enhance their motivation by implementing ICT in the classroom. Bring creative techniques into your classroom and trigger your students’ creativity by using various internet applications and tools. Apply new teaching methods and introduce Social Media to your classroom, use YouTube, manage a virtual classroom, promote 21st century skills.

Learning outcomes:
Participants are going to be equipped with knowledge that will help them form self-aware individuals. They are going to learn to use powerful innovative tools that will equip their students with confidence and greater ability to communicate, collaborate, think critically and to be creative. Developing these skills is crucial in order to prevent early school leaving and future unemployment.

Grow and develop professionally in an international environment, network, build strong relationships with your colleagues from all over Europe and explore amazing culture and nature in Croatia’s beautiful city of Split.

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Erasmus+ Courses Croatia
Split, Croatia

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