Intensive English Language Course for Teachers and School Staff (10 days)

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10-DAY COURSE (700€)

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Erasmus courses Croatia

Would you like to improve your knowledge of English language in an international environment while collaborating with colleagues from all over Europe? Do you need English while corresponding through emails and travelling abroad? Would you like to get rid of your fear of speaking English? Then this is a perfect course for you!

This intensive English language course has been designed for teachers, headmasters and school administration staff in order to improve all four language skills. Therefore, the course focuses on expanding your vocabulary, revising most frequently used grammar structures, developing listening skills and making writing emails much easier through learning formal and informal register. Finally, it puts most emphasis on speaking English fluently and easily.

Participants are going to improve their English through a series of fun and engaging activities, useful online tools, articles, videos and tutorials. We are going to explore ways to learn through movement using a fantastic tool called Active Floor which increases motivation and makes learning more interesting. We are going to gain knowledge through games, quizzes and a series of interactive activities. Our teacher trainers are equipped with decades of experience and know how to make learning of English language entertaining.

Erasmus courses Croatia


Teachers and school staff are going to reach higher level of confidence, expand their vocabulary, have better understanding of reading, improve their listening skills and achieve a higher degree of both formal and informal register of writing. But most of all, interactive activities and games as well as international environment are going to make learning easier, faster, stimulating and fun.

Grow and develop professionally in an international environment, network, build strong relationships with your colleagues from all over Europe and explore amazing culture and nature in Croatia’s beautiful city of Split.

Erasmus courses Croatia


Our Social Programme is a perfect way to experience southern part of Croatia, get to know other participants from EU countries and make wonderful memories before going back home. With both summer and winter season guided tours, our Social Programme will make you want to come back to Croatia!

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Erasmus courses Croatia

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Erasmus+ Courses Croatia
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Erasmus+ Courses Croatia
Erasmus+ Courses Croatia
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