Communication and Marketing Strategies for Effective Teaching and Learning - Florence

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Today’s digital transformation has driven our new world reality, leading to an evolution in how students perceive knowledge and use different kinds of media. Following this change, teaching systems are moving from traditional teaching-centered approaches to more student-centered methods, where the instructor must be prepared to create interactive and fun activities to capture students’ attention and produce an innovative class environment.

This course will introduce a variety of learning activities based on communication strategies used in marketing campaigns to foster student engagement in your lessons, and promote their knowledge retention. Participants will learn, for instance, how to teach students to build mindmaps to memorize key concepts, or how to prompt students to focus on storytelling to improve their presentation and oral skills. The course will also propose creative ways to use social media and Lego Serious Play (LSP) to stimulate students’ interest and teamwork spirit, respectively.

By the end of the course, participants will have a creative portfolio of exercises, and will be able to use them according to their lesson objectives, responding more efficiently to the actual students’ learning needs. Significantly, the communication tools the course offers will make your students’ learning experience more effective not only towards your subject of study but also for their future professional lives.

All our courses in Florence include: two city guided tours and a 1 day excursion to be chosen among options.

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