Global Science Opera Summer School - An interdisciplinary science-and-arts initiative

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The GSO4School Summer School 2020 is offering teachers a unique training experience based on the “Global Science Opera” practices that were developed through both Lifelong Learning Programms (LLP) and Coordination and Support Action projects (CSA) that were funded by the European Commission.

GSO4SCHOOL Summer School 2020 aims to introduce innovative practices for teaching Sciences in the classroom by engaging students in collaborative activities involving the Arts. These practices are in line with the project’s main impact which is described as follows:
- Improved long-term understanding of science learning, the roles of the learner, with better-informed citizens engaging with the grand challenges, while developing a collaboration culture among participants through the "universal language" that art provides.
- Ensured scientific and interdisciplinary competencies as well as digital literacy for all, improved employability and informed citizenship.
- Bridging gaps between science education and teacher education research, teacher preparation, teaching practices and learning.
- Better understandings of the effects of collaboration between science education providers, local stakeholder and educational networks.
- Development of a culture of responsibility, responsiveness, innovation and broad participation in all aspects of science, science and entrepreneurship education, and science communication.

Course organiser
Ellinogermaniki Agogi Scholi Panagea Savva AE
Marathon, Greece

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