Experience Italy, Improve your Teaching: Creative Activity Design for Inspiring Lessons

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Would you like to visit Venice, Milan, Rome, Naples, and Palermo all in the same week? Or, at least, would you like to stay in Florence and travel with your imagination across these destinations while learning new methodologies for managing classroom activities? This course will introduce you to the many ways to plan, create, and administer activities which include all four skills (reading, writing, listening, and speaking) and teach you how to implement fun and captivating lessons that promote student learning.

Participants will be involved in a variety of creative activities to reinforce the use of each of the four skills: they will be exposed to the use of real world texts and audiovisual sources (reading and listening), and acquire new skills in engaging learners through productive activities (writing and speaking). Individual, pair, group, team, and whole class participation will facilitate active interaction and discussion. There will also be time for reflection and the sharing of best practices.

All the course activities will focus on Italy and five of its most visited cities Palermo, Naples, Rome, Milan, and Venice. Hence, while learning about how to improve your teaching, you will also learn about the Italian way of life—along with its culture, people, places, history, customs, and food. All classes will end with a recommendation for a special food experience in Florence related to the day’s course content.

By the end of the course, participants will have obtained important insight into the practice of teaching by feeling what it’s like to be a student again or putting themselves in their students’ shoes. They will come away with new ways to get the most out of teaching and integrating inspiring and imaginative lessons while enjoying a small taste of the Italian dolce vita.

All our courses in Florence include: two City Guided Tours and a 1 day Excursion to be chosen among options.

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