Course 3: Quality Assurance: Improving Public/private Organizations through Self-Assessment

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Course Overview
More than ever before, administrations in public and private sector, all cross Europe, face the challenge to demonstrate and improve their added value. Especially, in these times of socio-economic crisis and austerity, the policy effectiveness, operational performance and quality of public services are crucial factors in responding to the changing needs and expectations of citizens and enterprises. Numerous efforts have been undertaken to implement new techniques and methods to improve public/private organizations’ efficiency, effectiveness, economic and social responsibility. Different approaches were launched across all types of public/private organizations and in all sectors, at the European, national, federal, regional and local level. In this direction self evaluation is the first step and Common Assessment Frame (CAF) is an easy and useful tool. Also will be discussed the ISO (International Standardization Organization) as a second level evaluation and certification/ accreditation procedure.
Course Methodology
The course is based on “learning by doing and reflecting” a training method through various collaborative activities. The content and fundamental information will be introduced through thematic modules within a group instructional setting. The purpose of this manual and guidelines is to support people working in public administrations in their day-to-day journey of delivering a quality service. Case studies and evaluation simulation procedure will be used.

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Society in Progress (SiP)

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