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Our society is becoming faster and faster, and more and more demanding. Within that, students seem to be every day less motivated to learn pure contents, and more in need for skills for building their life path and professional careers. At the same time, teachers often feel they lack effective tools to educate nowadays’ learners and, at the same time, to deal with nowadays’ school curricula.

This course will guide participants in finding a “compromise” between the demands of school curricula, students’ motivations and the need to develop their competences.

Participants will inquire how theories can be connected to real life, how knowledge is incorporated into wide competences, as well as what “competence” should mean in the educational domain. They will explore features, examples, pros and cons of various teaching methodologies. They will also get involved in many practical activities to design lessons with task-based learning, project-based learning and the flipped classroom. In addition, they will get ideas on how to possibly incorporate visual resources to introduce some topics, as well as on how to assess students during the learning process with the use of rubrics.

No prior-knowledge about those specific topics is required from participants.

By the end of the course, participants should be more familiar with the concept of competences in nowadays’ education, and feel more creative in finding out taylor-made solutions using tools such as task-based learning, project-based learning, the flipped classroom and the visual thinking strategy. They will take away lesson plans and activities with the aim of making subjects more relevant, meaningful and useful for students’ lives and careers.

All our courses in Dublin include: one City Guided Tour and a 1 day Irish Excursion (usually on Saturday).

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