Special Needs Children - Prague, Czech Republic

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Special Needs Children - Prague, Czech Republic
KA101 course in Prague, Czech Republic
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The final course fee is 350EUR per person for a 5-day course, no additional admin fee or VAT tax charged.
Course fee includes:
City guided tour
School visit
Assistance with orientation in the city
Administrative support: Europass, Mobility agreement, Certificates, Invoices, Invitation letter for the course
Course materials
Catering during the course: Coffee, Cappuccino, tea, biscuits, water

Course Overview:
This course mainly focuses on work with special needs children. You will not only improve your theoretical knowledge and expertise in the area but also get practical tips and methods which will help you create a supportive learning environment that is beneficial for all pupils, not only for special needs children.

Course Methodology:
The course content and fundamental information will be introduced through thematic modules by several tutors. It is based on practical demonstrations, hands-on approach and active participation within a group which is composed of international participants with similar interests and needs.

Module 01 – Special needs: theoretical background (physical disorders, psychiatric disorders, emotional problems, behavioural problems, learning disorders (or disabilities, gifted and talented children)
Module 02 – Integration and inclusion, exclusion, mainstreaming, identification risks, factors and barriers
Module 03 – Communication and cooperation with parents and family, examples of the best practices
Module 04 – Developing prevention and safe school according to the community readiness model
Module 05 – Activities for special needs children
Module 06 – Enhance practices for children who have or are at risk of developing mental health disorders
Module 07 – Activities for gifted and talented children, developing creative thinking, (task based learning, problem based learning, project based learning, experiential learning, real world task)
Module 08 – Teaching multicultural classes (mutual understanding and respect)
Module 09 – Individual projects, presentation of activities
Guided City Tour

Learning outcomes:
-Understand the advantages and disadvantages of approaches such as inclusion, integration and mainstreaming in order to enhance good quality of education and training for all learners.
-Gain techniques for working with heterogeneous classrooms and communities, deal with increased diversity of learners, support inclusion of various minorities into mainstream education.
-Generate ready‐to‐use materials and methods to improve educational practices in the field of special needs children education, promote universal access to education with regards to non-discriminatory values.
-Identify risk factors and different types of barriers, improve primary, selective and indicated prevention, increase synergies between education, research and innovative interventional activities.
-Increase broader understanding of strategies and systems dealing with special needs children in different countries, cultivate mutual respect and intercultural awareness.
-Support continual professional development, revise and improve key competences, build confidence in promoting pedagogies that are supportive to special needs children and social and cultural diversity.
-Meet colleagues of different nationalities within the EU, engage in cross-cultural learning experience, exchange ideas and build a network for future international cooperation.
-Enrich communication skills, improve foreign language competencies, broaden professional vocabulary and promote EU’s broad linguistic diversity, embed common educational and training values.

General Course Information
Before the Course:
You will receive “ITC Guide Document” where you will find all the necessary information.
After the Course:
Course evaluation form
Course materials in electronical form / Other materials for self-study and dissemination of good practice.

Additional services in Prague:
Accommodation arrangement
Airport transfer to the hotel
Cultural activities
Trips to other European cities: Vienna, Dresden,…

Join us in Prague for this KA1 course!


Course organiser
ITC International
Prague, Czech Republic

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Attended 13.05.2019 - 17.05.2019

Absolute perfect organisation with exceptional facilitators and trainers. The course gave me very good knowledge about special needs children and got very practical ideas to address different categories of children. The most important thing is that everything I learnt is so easy to apply in my classrooms! During my dissemination's workshop at my school everyone got enthousiastic about the easy -to -follow and easy -to -apply teachnig methods/practices that I presented after my training course in ITC.

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Attended 27.05.2019 - 31.05.2019

Absolutely amazing, thank you for sharing your knowledge with us. Very interesting course, excellent staff (ITC Prague) and outstanding city.

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Attended 28.10.2019 - 01.11.2019

Wonderful, interesting and kind people (teachers and staff) in ITC Prague. Thanks for this experience and valuable knowledge.

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Attended 13.05.2019 - 17.05.2019

A great experience! Thanks ITC :)

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ITC International
ITC International
Rating: 5/558 users


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