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SOFT SKILLS AND CREATIVITY TOWARDS INCLUSION course is aimed at education professionals who will be teaching emotional skills in the classroom. It is particularly suitable for teachers working with students with special educational needs, at risk of social exclusion, bullying and early school leaving at pre-school, primary, secondary, vocational training and adult literacy levels. These techniques are also effective in preventing school drop-out. The course will be taught in English by non-native speakers. The course focuses on the dynamics of creativity and the practical contents of the Soft Skills. Therefore, only a B1 level of English is expected from the participants.

SOFT SKILLS AND CREATIVITY TOWARDS INCLUSION course is an effective way in the process of delivering and enhancing soft skills in both teachers and students. Teachers need to have a strong work ethic and excellent interpersonal skills along with the ability to resolve conflicts, display a positive attitude and promote WELL-BEING as important PERSONALITY traits and career attributes in the workplace. The course will help develop the SOFT SKILLS and CREATIVITY of all students, supporting them in combating bullying and giving them great confidence to achieve success in ENTREPRENEURSHIP and thus in the job market. Furthermore, it will favour the development of personality traits and the social and communicative skills necessary for success in the job as a teacher or in the learning process as a student.

Creativity applied in the classroom, on the other hand, will help students to provide them with a support to fight academic underachievement, SCHOOL LEAVE, improve success in ENTREPRENEURSHIP and thus in the labour market. Moreover, creativity methodologies will provide schools with a new alternative methodology and more INNOVATION in the educational process, often not developed through the traditional educational system.

All this by means of:
- Development of teamwork and cooperation: The course offers participants the opportunity to carry out a group project and to represent their ideas orally, graphically and visually. It is a great opportunity for them to improve their language and communication skills.

- Increased confidence: The development of Soft Skills increases self-confidence and self-esteem. In addition, each person will learn about the risks of everyday life and how to deal with them.

- Development of artistic skills: The ability to communicate will increase considerably. Expressing oneself through crafts, actions, gestures, expressions and words will become easier and easier.

-Learning through a methodology based on soft skills and emotional intelligence enhances memory and improvisation skills. In addition, students will develop presentation and persuasion skills when they have to speak in public and perform under pressure, something really complicated nowadays for many young people and adults.

- Need for a more diverse educational background: It is no secret that the labour market is constantly evolving. Today's students will have very different jobs from those of their parents. Therefore, the tools provided by the course, such as organisation and time management, leadership and multitasking techniques, can help both teachers and children to manage their own feelings and the changing world, and to be able to respond creatively when required to do so.

The course is completely practical although it has its theoretical basis to create and understand educational techniques and dynamics in relation to soft skills. Participants will perform body and art-craft activities, creative games, experience educational techniques and plan and teach their own lessons. At the end of the course, participants will work on an individual action plan that details how they will introduce the new techniques learned in their practices so as to promote the essential soft skills and creative abilities required at school and daily life.

Our experienced trainer will support and stimulate the networking and cooperation among participants. We organize networking and cultural activities in order to give participants the opportunity to exchange best-practices and establish professional cooperation and links. These activities will take part not only participants of the course but also other participants from different courses attended by the company. The expected training activity has been structured so that the participants can transfer know-how and develop needed skills to create and manage a proposal with real success.

At the end of the course, there is an evaluation where participants can assess the course. The course will provide the participants an attendance certificate including the detailed information about the course, e.g. title, programme and schedule. In addition, a Europass Mobility Certificate can be added on request.

Thanks to SOFT SKILLS & CREATIVITY course students will get, through teachers:
- Develop soft skills through creative techniques also applicable at work and in the classroom.
- Understand the effect of soft skills for social, emotional, physical, cognitive and moral development.
- Develop improvisation as a tool for problem solving.
- Encourage the team to work.
- Show innovative and creative techniques as effective tool for the teaching process and personal development tools for ourselves and our students.
- Use emotional intelligence as a tool to involve, motivate and support students, develop soft skills within the teacher and transfer them to the students and school community as well.

It exists a standard indicative daily program. However, the course might be personalized each week on participants’ needs and professional profiles.

Some of the topics to develop during the sessions of the course are:
• Emotional Intelligence as a teaching tool to cultivate soft skills.
• Get to know each other through emotional intelligence games.
• Team Building through educational games.
• Introduction to creative activities.
• Effective communication through Soft Skills
• Emotional Intelligence as a tool for social inclusion.
• Soft Skills in education.
• My body can also communicate.
• Improvisation and creativity techniques.

Moreover, some of the activities to run during the sessions of the course can be:
- Free cultural activity: discovering the city and its cultural heritage. Visit to Alicante city and Santa Bárbara Castle. Free activity included in the course.
- Free cultural activity: Discovering the city and its cultural heritage. You will visit MARQ Museum, archaeological and historical site awarded as Best European Museum in 2004. Visit included in course fees.
- Networking activity: Presentation of your own school and your KA1 PROJECT: 5W's. WHO, WHAT, WHEN, WHERE, WHY with all participants from the course and other structured courses of the company.
- Networking activity: Guided session to find your best partner for a future JOB SHADOWING and/or KA229 PROJECT.
- Optional cultural activity: trip to Tabarca Island in Alicante with all participants from the course and other structured courses of the company. Guided tour with historical and cultural inputs. Boat and paella included in the price of the package.
- Optional lunch in the center of Alicante. Networking activity to deepen the relationship between all participants.

SOFT SKILLS course will attend editions during 2021, 2022 & 2023 in following dates:

- From Sunday 10th October to Saturday 16th.
- From Sunday 12th December to Saturday 18th.
- From Sunday 22nd August to Saturday 28th.
- From Sunday 5th December to Saturday 11th.

- From Sunday 20th February to Saturday 26th.
- From Sunday 10th April to Saturday 16th.
- From Sunday 9th October to Saturday 15th.
- From Sunday 11th December to Saturday 17th.
- From Sunday 24th July to Saturday 30th.
- From Sunday 21st August to Saturday 27th.
- From Sunday 31st July to Saturday 6th August.
- From Sunday 4th December to Saturday 10th.

- From Sunday 19th February to Saturday 25th.
- From Sunday 2nd April to Saturday 8th.
- From Sunday 8th October to Saturday 14th.
- From Sunday 10th December to Saturday 16th.
- From Sunday 23rd July to Saturday 29th.
- From Sunday 20th August to Saturday 26th.
- From Sunday 30th July to Saturday 5th August.
- From Sunday 3rd December to Saturday 9th.

The cost of the seven day course is 490€, including course fee, certification and support fee, cultural and sport activities in the city. The company offers an Optional cultural package to deepen in relationship between all participants.

SOFT SKILLS & CREATIVITY training course is tailored to be fully funded by Erasmus + to teachers, trainers, headmasters and any other staff of education organizations. Furthermore trainers can help in Key Action 1 Application to ensure that participants can get the grant and could be eligible to receive an Erasmus + grant that cover all the costs of the course.

The company will develop during the SUMMER and the EASTER GREAT NETWORKING WEEKS, where all participants of training courses participate together in cultural and funny activities. These GREAT NETWORKING WEEKS will involve participants from all courses of the company. Every participant of each training course will have the opportunity to spend some funny time and to meet more people than in another simple course. All courses of the company include some cultural, sport and historical networking activities during the week. Activities will involve participants from other courses of the company in order to create a great environment and to find the perfect partner for future projects in common. Networking activities are designed to deepen the relationship between all participants. Moreover, in all editions we’re going to run different Erasmus + courses at the same time, just giving you different options to come with other colleagues from the same school and to enjoy together in free and optional activities that our company offers during the week.

Specifically speaking, participants are invited to spend a great networking day on Thursday in some relevant place of the city. During the morning time we’ll meet all participants together for a networking session where you’ll be able to briefly explain your own school and your KA1 project and be able to find suitable partners for future eTwinnings or even KA2 projects. In order to do that you should bring with you a presentation of your own KA1 Erasmus + Project. Moreover, you’ll have the chance to discover the culture of the country you’re visiting thanks to a great optional culture runned during afternoon time. This activity day will connect participants of different courses to match perfect partners for future relationships in European Projects. Furthermore, at the end of the week, all actors of the different courses will be asked to participate in a lunch in some special place in the city.

We aim to get an effective follow-up to stimulate peer networking, to keep in touch and to share opinions, experiences and practices for unlimited with European tools like eTwinning and other different ways of connection, such as e-mail, individual Skype calls, phone, WhatsApp or Facebook Group. Furthermore PMS ERASMUS PLUS will upload documents, videos and photos of the course on icloud, Dropbox or Google drive and will encourage all participants to share their own creation to have the maximum information in common benefits. In addition, those pictures of the training course and videos can be used for visibility and dissemination purposes.

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