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Discussion is one of the most effective and frequently used teaching methodologies in classrooms today. This course provides specific tools for teachers to activate, facilitate, and dig deeper into more meaningful discussions that lead to learning. The course is based on Stephen Brookfield and Stephen Preskill’s landmark book Discussion as a Way of Teaching: Tools and Techniques for Democratic Classrooms, Carl Rogers’ pioneering work in the field of Active Listening, and Marshal Rosenberg’s renowned methods for Non-Violent Communication.

The instructors will bring their extensive experience in the fields of interpersonal communication skills training; conversation for language learners; and dialoguing techniques; in a way that encourages participants to investigate and practice discussion activities that are in accord with their own specific teaching contexts.

The instructors will provide discussion tools and model exercises to enliven classrooms and ensure that all voices are heard, by demonstrating ways for listening and responding to one another with empathy so that all students’ values and needs are respected. Participants in the course will learn to energize discussions that will improve student engagement, develop critical thinking skills, and deepen understanding and appreciation for diverse views.

All our courses in Berlin include 1 city guided tour and 1 cultural excursion.

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Berlin, Germany

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