Enough Theory, Let’s Play! Fun Games for Developing the Whole Child - Tenerife

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Playing is sometimes considered an unstructured, purposeless activity reserved for children and teenagers but it actually has an important educational value. In games, participants project themselves in external activities, which can be exploited to make them reflect on themselves and increase their self-awareness. They need to communicate and cooperate with others, which contributes to their emotional and social intelligence. They can express themselves creatively while also respecting shared rules, increasing their capacity to concentrate and self-regulate their behavior.

This course will teach you to use games in your class to enhance your students’ capacities of self-expression, and promote their personal (i.e., cognitive, emotional, and social) development. It will also help you create a more cohesive group, thus improving the quality of both your pupil’s learning and your experience as a teacher.

The course will introduce different kinds of games:

Uninhibited and cohesive games, aimed to create a sense of trust in others, indispensable for the expression of the child within a community;
Expressive games, involving storytelling, drama, and role-playing, teaching children to express themselves, and communicate with others;
Relaxing games, helping children to focus on their feelings, and grow emotionally.
As a participant, you will discover new games by actively playing them. Hence, you will come to the course with comfortable clothing, ready to move and use your body! By the end of the course, you will know how to use games in your class to make it a more confortable environment for the personal and social growth of your pupils, thereby strengthening the relations among them and with you as a teacher.

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Course category: Creativity and Soft Skills

Creativity and Soft Skills: By fostering critical thinking and communicative abilities, an educator can develop better relationships with students, colleagues, and students’ parents, thus obtaining higher learning outcomes. If you want to expand both your creative thinking and storytelling skills, you should check out our Creativity and Soft Skills courses. They can help you design stimulating activities which aim to promote entrepreneurship and collaboration among your students.

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This course was great experience. I discovered new games for my class and my students. First day we had icebreaker activities and games to present oneself. After the lecture we had an organized city tour. Second day we had games to relax, movement and brain break activities. Third day we discussed about mindfulness and importance of emotions. Fourth day we had active listening activities for children. Fifth day we had active listening activities for teenagers and adults. Last day we had course evaluation and we got Certificate of Attendance. We have had organised excursion to National park Teide.

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This course was amazing experience. It taught me to use games in my class to enhance my students' capacities of self-expression and promote their personal development. I also discovered new games that would help me create a more cohesive group and make my class more confortable environment for personal and social growth of my pupils. First day we had introduction to the course, the school and the weekly external activities. We also had icebreaker activities and warm up games, games to present and introduce oneself, games to relax focusing on the body and presentations of the participants’ schools. Second day we focused on warm up games, games to relax such as focusing on dance and movement. We talked about importance of movement in the classroom and had some brain break activities. In the end, each group had to design and represent their own game to other groups. Third day we discussed about mindfulness and we had related activities. We also talked about importance of emotions and we have had some classroom activities to practice recognising and expressing emotions. On the forth day we had active listening activities for children and tresure hunt – outdoor collaborative group activity. Fifth day we had active listening activities for teenagers and adults and communication games. We had group discussion about importance of active listening and good communication in the classroom. Last day we had course evaluation and we got Certificate of Attendence. Also, we have had organised excursion to National park Teide.

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Europass Teacher Academy - Spain
Europass Teacher Academy - Spain
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