The Kindergarten Carousel- Teaching Pre School Children

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The aim of this course is for teachers of 3 to 7 year-olds and teacher trainers to experience a range of interesting activities linking methodology and learning theories to the Kindergarten/Pre-Primary Classroom today. Sessions are practical, include a focus on multi-media and technology for teaching purposes, and help teachers reflect on their approach to teaching today's very young learners.


To enable a better understanding of Pre-Primary/Kindergarten Teaching and expand & build on previous knowledge, using a range of practical

To introduce new areas of teaching methodologies and accompanying techniques, using hands-on experiential methods

To promote awareness and practical techniques in early learning

To help teachers reflect on their own teaching methods & contexts & develop teaching skills

To introduce an awareness of technology and ICT in the classroom today

To exchange pedagogical information & knowledge in a multi-cultural context

To further develop participants’ own language skills

To experience the cultural heritage of Malta with its bilingual linguistic environment

Sessions demonstrate current approaches, methodologies & techniques
An interactive communicative approach is applied, which provides participants with their own experiential learning of the activities & methodologies. Input sessions are in the form of hands-on workshops, and involve brainstorming, analysis, problem-solving, and role-play, both in pair work & group work.
Teachers are asked to reflect on the activities, inviting discussion with regard to their own pedagogical knowledge & skills, teaching methods &
contexts, and on adaptation of activities to their teaching & learning situations.
Both teaching & learning are explored, analysed and discussed, further enabling the participants’ use of their communication skills in English.
Participants are also introduced to websites related to the further development of their teaching skills & personal professional development

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ETI -Executive Training Institute
St.Julian's, Malta

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ETI -Executive Training Institute
ETI -Executive Training Institute
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