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Course Agenda
Day 1
Conflict management theory
Negotiation and conflict management techniques
Team working in a multicultural environment
Day 1
Effective Communication Skills for Conflict Management
Interpersonal Communication
Influencing Others
Day 3
Personal Strength
Integrating knowledge and skills for conflict management and bullying prevention
What is bullying? What are the differences between bullying and bad behaviours?
Day 4
Types of Bullying- Cyber, Physical and Emotional Bullying
Learn much more about the scientific reasons of bullying.
What about your students? Are they in denial? How bullying makes them feel?
How to create an empathic atmosphere at school?
Technics, strategies and pedagogical approaches for overcoming bullying.
Praise and Reward Technics
Day 5
Technics, strategies and pedagogical approaches for overcoming cyberbullying.
Are you bullying someone? A Quiz.
How to stop bullying others? Practical technics, strategies and pedagogical approaches to stop.
Practical group work and exercises
Validation of learning outcomes and certification ceremony

Course organiser
Sherlock Edu London (OID E10143856)
Rome, Italy

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Sherlock Edu London (OID E10143856)
Sherlock Edu London (OID E10143856)
Rating: 0/5


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