Meditation and Mindfulness in the Classroom

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The course aims to teach simple practical meditation techniques for use in the language
classroom as well as allowing teachers to develop a toolkit of simple meditation techniques to support their own well-being.

Teaching can be a very stressful profession and the benefits of meditation on stress reduction
have been well documented. We teach and learn better when we feel grounded and present and alert to what is happening in the present moment.

The focus of this training in on using simple meditation techniques to enhance language learning in the classroom and to support teachers in managing their own stress and creating more enjoyable and sustainable ways of delivering quality teaching and learning experiences.
Participants take part in tutorials and group meditations as well as course and lesson planning sessions and group discussions. At the end of the week they will be confident in leading simple meditations and integrating them with other activities in order to meet the objectives of their own syllabi.

The course is delivered through the medium of English, which gives participants an opportunity to refresh and improve their communication skills in an authentic environment. A2 level of English is recommended.

There are between three and five course hours per day, Monday to Friday totalling 20 hours per week. There will also be two afternoon cultural visits per week.

The lead tutor will be Clare Bassett, a qualified and experienced English Language teacher
trainer and yoga and meditation teacher trainer. Clare is passionate about teacher training and believes teachers should be supported so they can facilitate enjoyable and productive learning environments for themselves and their learners.

Future Learning is committed to delivering innovative and effective learning in our courses and sharing the best practice which we develop through our training programme. This programme offers a mix of English language immersion, meditations and teaching skills development as well as cultural exposure.

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Future Learning Language School
Dublin, Ireland

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Future Learning Language School
Future Learning Language School
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