Preventing Bullying in Schools

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Often in life the moment we start dealing with the consequences and fixing the situation it is already too late. The right time to act is before it happens. This is why we have created a course directed at preventing bullying instead of dealing with it after it has already occurred.
Latest research has shown that the majority of bullying happens at school and not on the way to or from it and the fact that one in every five children is going to experience it, stresses the importance of addressing this issue.

Bullying is a repeated aggressive behaviour and it is important to understand the reasons behind this kind of behaviour as well as the intent to cause harm. It can lead to long-lasting psychological, emotional and physical problems, therefore it is extremely important that teachers are able to recognize the early signs of bullying on time and learn how to combat it.

This course has been developed in collaboration with school psychologists who have been combating this issue for years.

Learning outcomes:
Upon finishing the course participants are going to gain full understanding of aggressive behaviour as well as obtain knowledge on how to prevent it and what kind of protocols to follow if and when bullying has already occurred. They are going to explore how to resolve conflicts and build better relationships. Participants are going to be equipped with a powerful tool called Mindfulness and are going to be challenged to use critical thinking and problem solving activities in order to engage and motivate students to accept their peers and embrace diversity.

In this course teachers are going to learn how to create a safe learning environment, how to recognize signs of bullying – both the bullies and the bullied, as well as ways to deal with them. They are going to be presented with examples of good practice and explore case studies as well as learn how to use Art as a therapeutic tool.

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