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How can we, as educators, respond to increasing environmental demands and to young people’s concerns about climate, in this age of eco-angst?

Permaculture is a set of tools and knowledge, focused on ecological and regenerative design and thinking; a system to respond to the needs of the planet and its rising human population.

The name for this design process was coined by Bill Mollison in the mid ‘70s in Australia, and can be applied to education as well as to any other area. It bases its philosophy on principles and ethics that admit that we may not be able to achieve zero impact on our immediate environment, but we can aim to improve it, providing fertility and abundance through considering and planning our actions.

By paying close attention to the importance of closing cycles, permaculture imitates nature, so any waste becomes nutrient for the system itself. This discipline is vital to the field of education, contributing values, methodology for solving practical school management problems and promoting creative-thinking which can be applied at very different scales and over different sectors of society.

This entertaining course offers an introduction to the Permaculture concept, sharing techniques and methodologies so you can develop a permaculture design project, which will allow you to make a small but significant improvement to your educational center.

All our courses in Drogheda include a guided city tour and 1 full-day excursion (usually on a Saturday)

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