Explore your Voice: a Journey into Sound - Tenerife

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Schools tend to be noisy places. 30% of teachers have problems with their voices, causing discomfort, sick leave or even premature retirement. A single millimetre of body realignment can bring about an obvious and immediate improvement in the resonance of your voice; minor adjustments to classroom elements can have a major effect on acoustics, yet many university teacher-training programmes neglect to include this vital area in their curriculum.

This dynamic and interactive course offers basic training in improving classroom acoustics, voice projection, articulation, rhythm and alignment. Beyond the physics and anatomy of sound, it also suggests techniques which involve active listening, raising hearing above all the other senses, training your critical ear, creating a sound landscape, building silence into schools, combating background noise and many other practical features which investigate the effect sound, noise and silence have on your teaching and your students. You will be encouraged to practice your breathing, intonation and posture to protect your most precious instrument, your voice, and use sound and silence to increase motivation and make your classroom interventions audible, effective, healthy and sustainable.

All our courses in Tenerife include a guided city tour and 1 full-day excursion (usually on a Saturday)

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Europass Teacher Academy
Tenerife, Spain

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