2 Week Course: Drama in Education & American Acting Technique for Teachers- Berlin

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Drama and acting techniques may be used in education to enhance teaching, and facilitate the learning of any language and subject. In this two week course, participants will learn how implement these activities in their classroom thus making their teaching more engaging and effective.

Participants will practice drama in education activities pioneered by Dorothy Heathcote with a specific focus on elementary, secondary, and young adult education for any cultural population. They will be guided through collaborative group projects where everyone will learn how to write, devise, and act in scenes, monologues, and short plays.

Following a selection of exercises from the Meisner Technique, and Viola Spolin’s “Theater Games,” participants will also learn specific techniques from the craft of acting designed to increase spontaneity, intuition, authenticity, and listening skill both for teachers and students. In addition, they will work on the Actor’s Toolbox (Body, Voice, Imagination, Concentration, and Cooperation) to learn how to design teaching activities based on the four components of language learning: Speaking, Listening, Reading, and Writing.

At the end of the two weeks, teachers will be able to create lesson plans by applying the drama methodologies practiced. The will return to their school with new tools to bring more enthusiasm to their lessons, think creatively on their feet, and improve verbal and non-verbal expressiveness for more language fluency and effective classroom productivity.

All our courses in Berlin include one city guided tour and 1 full day cultural excursion.

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Europass Teacher Academy
Berlin, Germany

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20.07.2020 > 31.07.2020 (ID: 113599)


Europass Teacher Academy
Europass Teacher Academy
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