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Drama has multiple uses in education. It addresses and activates bodily-kinesthetic, visual-spatial, linguistic-verbal, musical, interpersonal, and intrapersonal learning resulting in significant increased student engagement and enjoyment. It also facilitates the development of empathy and critical thinking skills as situations are reflected upon and discussed. Moreover, practices in drama enrich the teaching and learning of English (TESOL) and other language pedagogies by facilitating the advancement of fluency, helping students to embody language meaning (through movement, mirroring and emotional catharsis), which result in the acceleration of communication skills.

In this course, participants will experience how Drama in Education practices can enhance the learning of languages or any subject. Teachers will learn dramatic activities that can be modified and integrated into lesson plans for any language, subject, level, age or cultural population. Together, we will utilize the Actor’s Toolbox (Body, Voice, Imagination, Concentration, and Cooperation) to practice and design activities based on the four components of language learning: Speaking, Listening, Reading, and Writing. Participants will be guided in how to build a safe “theatre ensemble” in the classroom to develop trust and respect for peers and the advanced collaborative skills needed for academia, the professional world, and life.

Drama in education pioneers and their methodologies such as Dorothy Heathcote’s process drama, Augusto Boal’s Theatre of the Oppressed, and Viola Spolin’s “Theater Games” will be studied and practiced with a specific focus on elementary, secondary, and adult applications.

Each day we will identify specific learning objectives, and then engage in dramatic activities, games, and improvisational exercises. Participants will be guided through collaborative group projects where everyone will learn how to write and devise scenes, monologues, short plays, and lesson plans by applying the drama methodologies practiced. The practical application and integration of drama into the language or multi-subject classroom will motivate forums for reflection, analysis, discussion, and transformation as we address each day’s focus questions and fulfill individually identified goals.

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Europass is a very good way to meet other teachers, share professional experiences and personal feelings. I enjoyed this journey which was too short! I've learned in only 5 days what I could have learnt in a couple of months.
--Bénard Fabienne ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐*
* Review(s) written by former course participant(s) on School Education Gateway before the 2020 reviews' system renewal.

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Europass Teacher Academy
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