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“Effective communication is 20% of what you know and 80% of how you feel about what you know” (Jim Rohri). As trainers, teachers and individuals, we face new challenges related to human interaction on a daily basis. Even though we have expert knowledge, the necessary qualifications for the job or well-trained hard-skills, we often wonder if the way we communicate is enough. Was it the right call? Was I assertive enough? Have I transmitted the proper outcome?

Understanding the principles of effective communication, public speaking techniques (group control or speaker control) and the proper storytelling techniques (as a teaching tool in the classroom or as a tool to build-up our personal brand) offers the opportunity to explore the intricacies of human interaction focusing on soft skills in teaching and learning, analysing conflictual relationships and providing necessary tools to assess and give feedback to others.

This course equips the participants with several tools to enable them to better cooperate with others, to manage and improve their relationship with trainees and to help them to enhance their problem-solving skills. Not only will these benefits help you become a more aware, more confident teacher/trainer, but they are also easily transferable to your private life.

All our courses in Berlin include: a City Guided Tours and a full-day Excursion to be chosen among options.

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