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Learning Management Systems are widespread in schools and universities as powerful learning tools used for many purposes, such as understanding collaborative learning or inclusive education.

Using these devices in a proficient way can simplify the learning process and make teaching more enjoyable and meaningful. The course has a very practical approach, and participants will gain a working knowledge of the main features of moodle LMS, using the platform directly throughout the course, building and developing their own learning path on the platform.

By the end of the course, participants will be able to handle the basic features and functions of moodle, and to design and publish their own learning project in their personal open source moodle platform.

All our courses in Cluj-Napoca include one city guided tour and 1 cultural excursion (usually on Saturday).

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Europass Teacher Academy
Cluj-Napoca, Romania

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20.01.2020 > 25.01.2020 (ID: 111682)
17.02.2020 > 22.02.2020 (ID: 111681)
16.03.2020 > 21.03.2020 (ID: 111684)
20.04.2020 > 25.04.2020 (ID: 111683)
18.05.2020 > 23.05.2020 (ID: 111685)
15.06.2020 > 20.06.2020 (ID: 111817)
20.07.2020 > 25.07.2020 (ID: 111822)
17.08.2020 > 22.08.2020 (ID: 111823)
21.09.2020 > 26.09.2020 (ID: 111821)
19.10.2020 > 24.10.2020 (ID: 111820)
16.11.2020 > 21.11.2020 (ID: 111819)
21.12.2020 > 26.12.2020 (ID: 111818)

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Europass Teacher Academy
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