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The course has been created for teachers and school staff interested in learning how to build a basic App of their own, using an intuitive visual programming tool.

Participants will also discover the potentiality of App designing, and they will understand the logic behind the programming process. The platform used in class does not require coding writing, instead it has a very visual and easy puzzling interface that allows participants to learn progressively from simple levels to more complex ones.

The tool would become an opportunity for the participants to learn how to build an App and to understand the purpose of App invention, as well as to engage with their students in the amazing adventure of designing Apps with educational purposes, making lessons more motivating, appealing and adapted to the needs of the 21st century.

Using ICT solutions such as a course App, as well as teaching the students to build their own App, can have a positive impact on students’ motivation to learn, and can help teachers to stimulate skills in their students such as creativity, entrepreneurship and a developed interest in the set school tasks in general.

During the course, participants will learn by doing and will be guided step by step through the interface of the application to familiarize with the tool first, and then to build an App. In such a way, they will take part in all the different phases of the development process. Students are passively using Apps without clearly understanding what is their underlying logic. With this course they will acquire the basic tools to move from a passive use of the software to the design of it, learning the elements and fundamental logic of software creation, passing from passive users to active developers! This course is providing the participants with a powerful tool as it unlocks their potential in the IT world.

By the end of the course, participants will have acquired the basic knowledge to build an App and will have learnt step by step how to introduce their students to visual programming that can be used for different school and teaching activities. Participants will be able to deliver their students the fascinating opportunity to learn the fundamental principles of building an App.

Guided city tours of Cluj-Napoca and a one-day excursion (usually on Saturday) will also be part of the program.

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Europass Teacher Academy
Cluj-Napoca, Romania

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