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Creativity has recently been considered one of the greatest assets one can have in all fields of life. It is called the skill of the future. It is the number one ability company owners look for when employing new staff, but it can help in our work and/or life as well in numerous ways. As teachers, for example, you can offer much more to the students if your level of creativity is constantly tended to: in a creative mood your classes are fun and can unfold smoothly; it helps with ideas not only when preparing for your lessons but also when spontaneity is needed to solve a problem or fill a gap; but you can also help your employees work in a creative mood so that your business can flourish.

“Creativity is a skill that can be learned, developed and applied” (Edward de Bono), yet it can easily get blocked in certain circumstances: you might be tired, stressed or in a bad emotional state and you find yourself drained and trapped in your routine. And this is when you might hit a creativity block. There are techniques that can help unleash creativity even in these circumstances or to just help you maintain your mind open to new and innovative ideas and be able to accept and use them.

This course will make you be able to have an insight into what creativity is, how it works and it will provide you with techniques on how to overcome your struggles with creativity blocks. Furthermore, it will give you ideas on how to refresh your routine from time to time.

These techniques can be used to unleash creativity in all fields of your life, too.

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