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The world of education is ever-changing and in order to stay up-to-date with the latest trends organisations and schools must continuously train their staff. A lot of training will of course require call for a lot of trainers, thus in many cases teachers are being put in the situation to transfer their know-how or train their colleagues in various topics. In these cases developing hard-skills by learning new teaching techniques and methods are essential, however, mastering a specific subject is not enough to train on it, since offering learning programs requires other specific competencies as well.

This course equips participants with skills, methods and tools to ensure an efficient learning process in the training classroom. It focuses on the principles and styles of adult learning and includes all the necessary stages to plan, follow-up and deliver a training program in any topic. It also focuses on developing the main essential and soft-skills that a trainer should definitely possess (ex. presentation skills, non-verbal communication or conflict management). On top of all these, the course improves knowledge about using modern technological tools which increase the motivation, involvement and classroom atmosphere within a training course.

The course helps non-training professionals to design, deliver and follow-up a training program. It also equips them with knowledge on how to teach others and improves a pack of skills, techniques and tools to implement an efficient training program.

Guided city tours of Cluj-Napoca and a one-day excursion (usually on Saturday) will also be part of the program.

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Europass Teacher Academy
Cluj-Napoca, Romania

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