Modern Teachers for Modern Learners: new Challenges in the 21st Century - Cluj-Napoca

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As educators in the 21st Century, no matter how much experience we have in teaching, we are facing new challenges in the classroom and school.

Children and parents expect teachers to be able to take on new roles as educational experts who teach and facilitate personal growth. More than that, new media and technology are conditioning teachers’ roles by challenging them to create innovative and transformative activities in order to find new solutions for effective learning and teaching. In addition to all these requests, classroom management and bullying requires a complete set of skills which demand teachers to assume new roles and to adapt to the needs of the new generations of students in the classroom.

This course offers the opportunity to share and handle situations in which teachers must handle new challenges and apply soft skills efficiently in teaching and class management.

By attending this course, you will have the opportunity to find solutions to better face new challenges brought by changing environments, cultural differences as well as the continuous development of technology and help you discover efficient resources to handle them in order to be a competent teacher and classroom manager.

All our courses in Cluj-Napoca include a city guided tours and 1 full day Excursion (usually on a Saturday)

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Europass Teacher Academy
Cluj-Napoca, Romania

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