Spanish teacher personalized training

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1 week, 15 hours of personalized training.

Available all year. You can start every week.

This course was created for Spanish teachers who are not native Spanish speakers and have the following needs:

· to resolve doubts or to refresh their knowledge of Spanish.
· to learn strategies and didactic methods to explain grammatical aspects of the Spanish language.
· to get resources and ideas to dynamize the classes and make them more fun.
· to create materials for interactive whiteboards or online resources.


The purpose of this training is to give resources to Spanish language teachers who are not native through a personalized course focused on their needs. This training is supposed to be given in an individual form or in small groups of two or three people. Students will be able to choose what aspects of the Spanish language they would like to treat, what areas of their teaching profile they want to improve, and we will develop a personalised plan for them. This training aims, at the same time, to promote the exchange of experiences between teaching professionals, and intercultural enrichment.

What can this course offer you?

1. 15 hours of personalized training with our head of studies, expert in teaching Spanish, design of lesson plans and use of new technologies for the dynamization of classes. You decide what you want to work on and what you want to deepen: how to explain the grammar, how to dynamize the books or manuals you use, how to complete or plan the annual programming of your course, how to develop the intercultural component in the classroom, etc.

2. During your course you can also (optional):

· Observe classes to see how we teach an E/LE class with international students. We want the teacher to observe firsthand what strategies we use, how we focus the learning process on the student and how situations that may occur within the classroom are resolved.

· Prepare lesson plans with one of our teachers. Share your experience with our teachers, learn how we work and plan a class.

· Teach a class with Spanish students from various countries. A unique opportunity to live an enriching experience.

The duration of the course is one week. It does not include accommodation, but Taronja can offer family or shared apartment accommodation.

Course Results:
• Improve your language skills in the Spanish language.
• Improve strategies to explain specific aspects of the Spanish grammar.
• Expand your teaching resources to boost E/LE classes.
• Exchange professional experiences with colleagues from other countries.
• Develop the intercultural component in the classroom.
• Integrate the socio-affective component in the classes.

The indicated price is for one person. If several teachers (2 or 3 maximum) would like to share a tailored training, they can contact us at

Course organiser
Escuela de español Taronja
Valencia, Spain

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Upcoming sessions

01.03.2022 > 31.12.2023


Escuela de español Taronja
Escuela de español Taronja
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